I am currently finding a place to sell my artwork.  Most of these paintings are available as originals.  I currently do not do prints.  If you are interested in purchasing one of them please contact me

  1. After the Flood
    After the Flood
  2. Blackbird
  3. Phoenix Rising
    Phoenix Rising
  4. The Arbor Flame
    The Arbor Flame
  5. Queen of Angels
    Queen of Angels
  6. In Death...
    In Death...
  7. May 6, 1938
    May 6, 1938
  8. Stained Glass Monarch
    Stained Glass Monarch
  9. Eternal Sunset
    Eternal Sunset
  10. In Memoriam
    In Memoriam
  11. Killer Mosquito
    Killer Mosquito
  12. Fireflower
  13. Emancipation of Mina Harker
    Emancipation of Mina Harker
  14. Lithoid Hippocampus
    Lithoid Hippocampus
  15. Fossil Flora
    Fossil Flora
  16. Amoeba Nebula
    Amoeba Nebula
  17. The 50,000 Year Migration from Alpha Centauri
    The 50,000 Year Migration from Alpha Centauri
  18. The Manhattan Tree
    The Manhattan Tree
  19. The Night Watchman
    The Night Watchman
  20. Bioluminescent Syphozoan
    Bioluminescent Syphozoan
  21. Atumn Leaves
    Atumn Leaves
  22. Soaring Above the Tempestuous Sea
    Soaring Above the Tempestuous Sea
  23. Sprites
  24. Alpha Centauri Radiance
    Alpha Centauri Radiance
  25. Heart of the Storm
    Heart of the Storm
  26. Bouquet
  27. Ivy
  28. Scorpio
  29. Nighttime Birds
    Nighttime Birds
  30. Heartache
  31. The Candle
    The Candle
  32. Ravens
  33. The Hummingbird and the Rose
    The Hummingbird and the Rose
  34. Downfall
  35. Garden
  36. God is Dead
    God is Dead
  37. A Casualty of Fatalism
    A Casualty of Fatalism
  38. The Fugue
    The Fugue
  39. The Familiar
    The Familiar
  40. Untitled