I create abstract oil paintings using techniques that draw largely on the wet on wet technique made popular by Bob Ross. This influence can be seen especially in the backgrounds. The abstract concepts are placed and created in a more realistic environment. The focal object(s) are created with textures such as rocky surfaces or smooth organic shapes with an attention to lighting and shading that can sometimes be absent from abstract paintings. I also tend to work in definitive color schemes such as reds, blues, browns, etc.

My interest in art started at an early age, as long as I can remember to be honest. I’ve always had a passion to create which is likely what lead me to my career as a mechanical engineer where I am the inventor on 2 patents with 2 more pending. This passion to create also led to my attempt to become a musician where I created 3 short, 6 song solo albums. 
Shortly after I graduated college in 2000, I got into the home recording hobby. Home recording is basically what it sounds like. I bought some sound recording equipment and set up a bedroom studio and began writing and recording songs. While I did enjoy doing that and am proud of the music I wrote, I did decide to put that hobby on hold indefintely. The time I was spending on this hobby was just too extreme. I spent over 2000 hours on my last album. I do have that time available but it didn't allow me any time to work on my art. So I decided to put that aside and use some of that time to paint.